Stanley and Maud turns four...

Posted by Charlotte Boulton on

Happy Birthday Stanley and Maud!

You are my baby...literally my third child.

 If you've followed me a while you'll know my story and a bit about me...I am the kind of person who doesn't sit still...I'm the kind of person who cleans their bathroom at 11pm because I spotted watermarks before bedtime.

Anyway you may or may not know but I started Stanley and Maud by accident. I've taken up many hobbies and crafts...some have lasted a few months...some not so long. Every time I said I fancied trying something new my husbands eyes would roll...

So in 2014 whilst on maternity leave after attempting knitting, crocheting, sewing you name it...I decided I was going to make a herb garden...I finished it and I was so happy but I wanted some fancy herb markers! I had browse on google and good old Pinterest showed me ones made from cutlery. I decided I was going to complete my herb garden by making some markers of my own and in a flash I spent the dregs of my maternity pay on stamping supplies! (queue B's eye roll).

I loved stamping straight away and ordered more and more including some supplies for jewellery because if you don't know I'm also a bit of a magpie! ;) and so from there that's how it started...I made pieces for family and friends and after they wore it or shared it on social media I was getting asked by strangers to make them pieces too.

In January 2015 I formally set up Stanley and Maud, named after my children's snugs, and so the adventure began. I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave so I made the decision to turn my love for stamping and creating into my full-time job. It's still just me and I'm still working from the hub of our home and I truly love it. I will be honest it's hard work...really hard work as I'm still learning as I go...I never woke up and decided to be a business owner I kind of just fell into it but I'm happy and I'm so thankful.

It's been a wonderful four years and I really hope there's many more, I am so grateful to everyone who supports me and my family. I still can't believe it.

T h a n k  y o u

Much Love, Charlotte X


Photography by Georgia Rachael xx

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  • (Coffee_and_cobwebs on insta !)
    Aaaah this is my fave blog ! I don’t know how I missed this one, I love that you do what you love and from home. You are definitely business and home style goals, that you run a business from home with children, a pooch and a puppy is so amazing, you brilliant lovely lady! <3

    Shona Chalmers on
  • This is my favourite story of yours so far…. how cool to begin your own business just by mistake from growing herbs in your garden!! And to name it after your kids favourite snuggles is so sweet. Sums up your love of family, & your pride in your family too. Well done Chick xx

    Lisa aka crimbo4eva on

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