Guess who's back...back again.

Posted by Charlotte Boulton on

Meh what's a year between friends...

To be fair I could probably copy and paste this from another blog where I've promised I'll do better and then gone awol again. I'd like to say this time will be different but lets be real this is my sixth blog post in two years...the odds are slim but I owe you guys some chat...

If you follow me on socials (more instagram I can't work the others) you'll have seen most of what I've been up to and I've promised details on all sorts so if you fancy it stand by for some Disney chat, relocating, new office details (YES I HAVE MY OWN PROPER ROOM NOW!) and puppy chat!

If you're after anything else let me know and I'll add to my list! (you never know I might get them done by the end of 2020!)


Much love darlings! 

Charlotte X

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