A Long Overdue Catch Up...

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Hi Darlings!

Sounds cliché but where has the year gone?! It's been four months since I launched the new site and I've had nothing but LOVELY feedback from you all! 


I launched new designs at the same time as the website so if you've followed me for a long time you'll know that's not normally how I roll but in the topic of self care something had to give a little this year...so there's just been one mid year collection launch rather than a SS & AW!

2018 has been a crazy so far and I only anticipate more crazy with Christmas just around the corner...on a personal level we re-renovated our house again so the first seven months of the year you'd of found me crying in piles of dust!

We started with the replacing the roof, the windows, the bathroom, extended the hallway into the porch, had the drive done, landscaped the garden, decorated the children's rooms and downstairs again and had a carpenter come in and make magic so you could say we've gone to town and yet it still doesn't stop me stalking right move every Sunday or making Pintrest boards because F&B brought out a new paint chart! (I know I'm not alone!)

Those of you who know me well or have followed me on social media for a long time will know I'm not very good at sitting still...I like making plans and keeping busy but I've really had to take some time away and start looking after myself a bit more...it turns out renovating a house, looking after children and running a full time business is pretty exhausting especially when you throw in a husband who works away sometimes! (yes I have my teeny violin out...) ;)

A few weeks ago I started giving myself one day off a week and I told you I'd update you with how I'm getting on and so far so good! It's given me time to wind down and to have some space away because honestly I think I need it although I've found my shopping habits have upped...(meh it's nearly Christmas so it's Christmas shopping rather than self gifting right?!?!) I've always been organised but I've been planning my week down to a T and I've found I've been 'faffing' less...I'm still not great but I'm getting there and it's really helping...if you're reading this as a business owner then do it....you'll come back feeling refreshed! My average week looks a little like this;

MONDAY- GYM, X,Y & Z orders.

TUESDAY- X,Y & Z orders.



FRIDAY-  GYM, X,Y & Z orders.

It might look really basic but it's a massive change for me and I've found I've been using my time more wisely! 

I've got a few more blog posts on the horizon so if I've not bored you with the above come back and hear about our recent trip to Rome and my love/hate relationship with Instagram!

Thanks for popping by!

Charlotte X


PS. I grew these dahlias in my garden...because you know I'm a gardener now too!

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